Collaborate with your team anywhere

Collaborate with your team anywhere

Enhance your team communications with online collaboration

In the office or on the road, users can stay connected. Anyone can quickly access the conversation and content with just a web browser. Temovi Smart Office is a unified online software tool that enables users to easily message, video chat and collaborate in one place, anywhere, anytime.

  • Supported for all types of conferences.
  • Integrates audio, video and screen share.
  • Similar experience across phone, desktop and mobile.
  • Uses WiFi or you Voice over Mobile Data (VoMD).

How does Temovi Smart Office work?

  • Choose screen share only option or multi-party video and screen share.
  • Available to anyone with a web browser (no client required).
  • Reservation-less rooms make it easy to connect and share.
  • Connect from the office or from the road with mobile apps.
  • Adapt to bandwidth constraints with advanced, Scalable Video Coding-based, video (SVC).
  • Minimise disruptions with powerful moderator controls.

Real time communications with screen share and collaboration tools

Team Collaboration videoconferencing

Screen Share Users have a personal room to hold online meetings and share content. Eliminates pricey specialty services that charges per user or per minute. Users can easily launch Screen Sharing from a Smart Office UC client or send out a calendar invite with a SmartOffice web link and audio conference access. Share desktop content to large audiences, even invite guests in seconds. Escalate a call or video conference into a fully interactive sharing session. Improve productivity and avoid unnecessary travel.

Conference Phones

Audio Conferencing Audio Conferencing is an ideal complement to Screen Share if users don’t choose full video conferencing. Every user has their own reservation-less audio bridge. Audio Conferencing is tightly integrated into Smart Office clients so moderators can see who is joining and leaving their call.

Conference Phones

Conference Phones
Multi-party videoconferencing

Multi-party VideoConferencing Smart Office Collaboration’s multi-party video lets participants get engaged and stay engaged (or perceive a lack of engagement) from anywhere. Smart Office Collaboration Rooms offer multi-party video conferencing with screen share is available to anyone with a web browser. Powerful moderator controls minimize distractions.

More about Videoconferencing

UC Client Integration

UC Client Integration Smart Office Collaboration Rooms can be instantly launched from a Smart Office UC client, desktop or mobile. Smart Office UC clients also enable users to easily invite co-workers and/or share meeting credentials via e-mail or calendar invites.

UC Client Integration

Benefits of collaboration:

  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Accelerate your decision making.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Increase revenue growth.
  • Reduce travel expense.
  • Decrease cost of infrastructure.

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Collaborate anywhere, anytime.

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